Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sexy vs. Beautiful

Let's think Sexy vs. Beautiful.

Sexy is generally a term used to show..."appreciation" for physical attributes. It's a term used say that something looks particularly good. Whether it's a car, a woman, a man, or a TARDIS. Nothing more. And certainly nothing less.

Beautiful is something a bit more. It's a word to describe how a person or thing is attractive. But, not just the outside. It's the inside and outside of the person, if you will. It's their inner strength, their gentleness and kindness. And then there's the outside - the physical attributes.

But, really. For beauty, first and foremost are what's most important. Beautiful isn't skin deep. Sexy is.

Which would you rather be called?

Just a thought.


  1. I would argue that the depth or superficiality of either of those words has more to do with the person using them than the words themselves.

    A person you find sexy is, almost by definition, a person you would want to be sexually intimate with. If you are a superficial person, you are going to feel that way based purely on physical appearance, dress, etc. However, if you are a person of depth, then personality, intelligence, spirituality are going to greatly affect that.

    Being beautiful is all the things you said, just without the sexual component.

    A person can be sexy, a person can be beautiful or a person can be both. What those words mean to you depends entirely on what is in your heart and soul.

  2. This is a very interesting post.

    It's a shame most guys tend to think sexy=beautiful.

  3. I have been called sexy.. and it's just empty words. Beautiful is definitely something more. .. =)

    1. I was called that once...I let them know I didn't like it.